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Latex Glue






Natural Rubber



- Flexi-bag (Flexitank) is a PE bag made of rubber, plastic or synthetic fibres. This is a new method of packaging which is the cheapest and is now widely used. With design of control valve, it’s convenient to pump latex in or out of the bag. Each Flexi-bag may contain 21mts in case of placing into container 20’.

- IBC Tank 1000 liter : a soft case placed inside pallets is steel frame of which wall is made of hardboard, each Box contains 1 ton; 20 Boxes/20’ container, 42 Boxes/40’ container



- Centrifugal liquid latex is produced by disk centrifuge. The centrifuge dehydrates to create coagulum rubber content as required, discharged serum is used to produce skim block.

- There are two kinds of centrifugal rubber including LA (low ammonia) and HA (high ammonia).

- Technical standards of centrifugal latex have been specified, it’s a must to guarantee the standards in the manufacturing process as follows: VFA index (evaporated fatty acid), KOH number, MST (mechanical stability), alkalinity (NH3), TSC (total solids content), DRC (dry rubber content),…

At present, centrifugal rubber is widely used in engineerings and in daily life. Because the rubber itself is a liquid containing dispersed rubber grains, which is convenient for shaping products such as mattress, gloves (used in medical, engineering activities), glue, bubble,…

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